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Q&A: How independent publishers can harness mobile programmatic with Go2mobi

Specializing in mobile-first advertising, Go2mobi was founded in Canada in 2011 by Tom Desaulnier and Gavin Aitken on the premise that the best advertising performance can only be attained through the strategic use and continual optimization of data.

Fast forward seven years, and the company remains a pioneer of mobile programmatic advertising with its core USP based on its ability to target, report, and optimize on a mobile ad campaign’s most granular data points. WNIP caught up with Go2mobi’s Meghan Casault to learn more about the company’s technology and the mobile solutions it has in the pipeline.

What business problem is your company addressing?

Publishers first sought out programmatic to enhance revenue, but now they feel they are losing control of their ad inventory and margins. They want to get closer to their advertisers.

There is also the opportunity for publishers to earn incremental revenue by monetizing the untapped demand of smaller advertisers who may be overwhelmed by the complexity of the industry’s programmatic platforms. However, in-housing programmatic can be costly due to infrastructure and implementation risk.

What is your core product addressing this problem?

Advertising Direct by Go2mobi is the easiest and most cost-efficient method for smaller advertisers to buy mobile ads directly from high-quality publishers and create their own targeted campaigns.

Publishers can claim their branded self-serve advertising portal for free, or create their own portal on the network.

Leveraging programmatic connections, Go2mobi’s Advertising Direct Self-Serve Portal enables publishers to create a free, turnkey self-serve portal for their advertisers in a matter of minutes.

Publishers can link to the self-serve portal from their properties, giving inbound advertisers a direct self-serve channel to buy media in an easy-to-use format.

How does your solution work?

The Advertising Direct Self-Serve network leverages the Go2mobi DSP and its existing programmatic integrations to publishers for a turnkey self-serve advertising solution. Publishers gain immediate access to a new self-serve direct channel to sell their inventory. It allows publishers to capture more demand without the need for technical expertise or an investment in programmatic infrastructure.

Instead of a lengthy implementation process, publishers can claim their self-serve advertising portals and instantly leverage the power of Go2mobi’s proprietary DSP and existing programmatic connections, giving them access to Go2mobi advertisers in addition to their own.

Publishers gain all the benefits of a white-label, self-serve solution, including; automated buying, monetization, optimization tools, and a branded environment. However, Go2mobi’s proprietary technology provides superior targeting and optimization tools for advertisers, leading to exceptional ad performance and increased revenues.

Advertising Direct also allows publishers to upgrade their portals to access premium features, such as custom targeting features for advertisers on their properties.


Publishers can claim their branded self-serve portal for free!

How do you view the immediate future?

With so many intermediaries on the buy and sell side, ad stacks have become overly complex and publishers have lost control over their ad inventory. Publishers are now yearning to work closer with advertisers and recapture yield from their impressions. Data safety concerns further compound the situation, as much of the responsibility for compliance has fallen on publishers. However, common white-label SaaS options for publishers can be expensive and require technical expertise that many don’t have.

On the buy side, an increasing number of brands and agencies are in-housing their programmatic campaigns. Small and medium businesses also want the benefits of programmatic, but are overwhelmed by ad tech and feel more comfortable on interfaces like AdWords and Facebook.

Advertising Direct fills the need for a simple platform to connect advertisers directly with publishers and we will continue to expand Advertising Direct with new campaign management options and console configurations catering to the specific needs of publishers, agencies, and brands.

Thank you.

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Photo by Patrick Tomasso on Unsplash