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PwC’s global media outlook: six key trends

Covering 13 segments and 54 countries, most of these findings are only accessible to subscribers, although some top-level insights, analysis and discussion are available on their website.

Below are six major takeaways from the study which highlight some of these complexities.

  1. Youth population size can be more important for growth than GDP

“The countries with large populations under 35 are faster growers than countries with larger aged populations,” PWC’s Chris Lederer observes.

More specifically, PwC’s analysis found that “on average, E&M spending in the 10 youngest markets is growing three times as rapidly as in the 10 oldest markets.”

  1. Developing markets are where much of the action is

“In 36 out of the 54 countries covered by PwC’s Outlook, entertainment and media spending is growing more rapidly than GDP,” Lederer says, “often by a factor of more than 50 percent.”

Of particular note to newspaper execs, Latin America is identified by PwC as the only region where newspaper revenues will increase during the rest of this decade.

  1. Stablished markets remain important

“Beyond zeroing in on the fastest-growing markets, such as Indonesia, India and Peru, entertainment and media companies must continue to focus on those that are generating the greatest absolute dollar growth—such as the US and China,” Lederer cautions.

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