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Publishers ranking: Europe’s top 15 news media on TikTok

The trio of Daily Mail, Tagesschau and BBC dominate the ranking. But publishers from across Europe are joining the trend

TikTok was the most downloaded non-game app in April, effectively maintaining the Chinese platform’s leadership position. As a result, a small but fast-growing group of media are using TikTok to reach new, often younger audiences. The Fix looked at the top European publishers active on the site.

The European TikTok scene continues to be dominated by heavyweights Daily MailTagesschau and the BBC. These publishers play in a league of their own, together with such global champions like Washington PostNBC or La Nacion in Argentina.

Importantly, they have also seen some of the most impressive growth. Since November 2020, BBC has shot up from 77K followers to 579K (that’s 7.5X growth!).

But a growing number of smaller publishers are using TikTok to connect with new audiences – with media from across Europe figuring in the top 15 ranking.

Top European news publishers on TikTok (May, 2021)

Different TikTok strategies for publishers

As with most social media, there are a few different strategies the publishers can utilize on TikTok. The key approaches include news reporting, creating explainer videos, running a journalist Vlog and pure entertainment.

One direct impact of the strategy choice is relations with audiences. Explainer videos and news reporting tend to get the lower engagement directly on the app (although explainers in particular can drive following – check out Le Monde to see some excellent examples).

In turn, focusing on entertainment seems to deliver great following, with solid engagement (see the Daily Mail and BBC examples).

Meanwhile, leaning into a journalists charisma and personal storytelling format is a great way to drive likes and comments. hromadske in Ukraine has combined these with news reporting to great results – delivering the highest follower-to-like multiple (46X!), among the publishers in the ranking.

This piece was originally published in The Fix and is re-published with permission. The Fix is a solutions-oriented publication focusing on the European media scene. Subscribe to its weekly newsletter here.