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Publishers cling to CPM model while everyone else talks results: The Media Roundup

Publishers cling to CPM model while everyone else talks results

This opinion piece from The Drum cuts straight to the heart of the issue on Big Tech’s ad market dominance. The literal bottom line for ad-tech CEO Steffen Svartberg is that while publishers are having cost per thousand conversations the Triopoly are focusing on what brands really want.

He says Big Tech aren’t winning digital ad budgets because of some inherent unfairness in the universe, but because they talk in terms that advertisers find ‘irresistible’, namely results.

“While publishers talk excitedly about rich-media ad formats and attention metrics, big tech sells advertisers real business outcomes… the new world order understands that big advertisers, very much like the platforms themselves, think in terms of results, not incidental metrics.”

Polls, quizzes and Q&As bring interactivity to modern publishing

What type of publisher are you? One that uses the power of polls, quizzes and Q&As to drive real engagement? Or one that doesn’t use these interactive formats to their full potential? This piece is packed with ideas and inspiration for getting your audience involved in your content. 

Why publishers’ adoption of Twitter Blue is about more than money

We are very aware of Twitter’s shortcomings, but we love the best bits of the platform. We’re hoping Twitter Blue is a new highlight on the hellscape, offering subscribers quality content from 300 outlets and delivering data and reader revenue to publishers. We’ve just got our fingers crossed that the 50% revenue uplift being reported is real and sustainable.

On Twitter, fossil fuel companies’ climate misinformation is subtle

We spoke about the dangers of publishers becoming complicit in ‘greenwashing’ in this week’s podcast. This story from Nieman Lab underlines the very real possibility that climate misinformation can be buried in the messaging coming from fossil fuel companies presenting themselves as part of the solution to climate change.

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