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How publishers can use personalised print to better connect buyers & sellers

How do we as an industry help to drive change and create revenue opportunities for niche magazines and the organizations that use them as their main communication vehicles, whether they are B2B, association or special interest publishers (all with a very focused mission and a loyal and dedicated set of suppliers to the membership)?

One way is personalized print.

Today’s print technology can easily enable a document personalized for each member/reader based on their individual needs and goals. In my case, at the recent SCI convention*, I would have paid $20 to $30 for a personalized directory that could come complete with a floor map to show where each of the people I needed to meet was located among the 1,000 booth locations.

Links and QR codes could be embedded in the individual suppliers information to facilitate contact and scheduling. In short, this personalized document would help me maximize my time and investment at the convention while simultaneously providing better sales opportunities for the suppliers and new revenue for SCI.

Many B2B, association and niche media organizations have events similar to SCI’s. All of these organizations have as one of their primary assets a reservoir of information and contacts that can help provide knowledge and solutions to their customers. Providing a personalized print document that supplements the and that can be offered any time of year (not just at an annual event) helps strengthen the brand and becomes a platform for growth.

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* SCI produces Safari Magazine, a bimonthly four-color glossy publication mailed to approx 50,000 members as part of the membership fee. Over 18,000-plus members attend its convention.