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Publishers can now determine exactly how much traffic is generated from Google’s News tab

Google claims it sends people to news sites over 24 billion times a month, helping publishers build audiences and drive economic value. 

Now, thanks to a new feature introduced by the search giant, publishers can see for themselves precisely how much traffic Google’s News section really sends through.

“Today we’re launching 📢  a new search type filter: News! 📰

Google announced in a tweet a few hours ago, complete with exclamation mark and emojis. It clarified: “Now you can analyze traffic coming from the News tab on Google Search.”

In other words, publishers will now have the ability to filter and analyze traffic coming in from the News tab in search results, allowing them to isolate traffic and impressions generated specifically from the News section.

Earlier it was only possible to filter the data in Google’s Search Console performance report by Web (All), Image and Video. With the addition of News, this is how it looks like in the updated Search Console:

Google says the ability to filter traffic data from the News tab is a feature that has been frequently requested.

Given that the News filter is a recent addition, the data is only available going forward from June 30th onwards. 

The company provided further details In an email, which says:

“We’ve recently added new data to the Performance report in Search Console: Google Search’s News tab data. This data shows clicks, impressions, and click-through rate for any links seen in the “News” tab in Google Search results. To access this data in the report, click the “Search type: Web” filter on the top of the report, then select “News”.”

The Search Console performance report, in addition to showing the number of clicks received, also indicates:

  • How frequently the site shows up in search results (impressions)
  • Percentage of impressions leading to clicks (click-through rate)
  • Average position in the search results
  • Special features, if any, associated with the search results (e.g., rich results)

All this data can then be broken down even further with different filters, of which News is now one.

Publishers can find more information about filtering performance report data at Google’s Search Console Help here. The “Filtering your data” section provides detailed guidance on adding, removing, and modifying filters, with examples.

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