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Publishers are out of sync with buyer priorities, could 2019 ad revenues be at risk?

A new report by Integral Ad Science has found a significant gap between this year’s buy and sell-side priorities: most brands (83.3%) and over half of agencies (54.6%) want consistent measurement, yet only 43.8% of publishers agree.

The report, entitled the IAS 2019 Industry Pulse Report, found that a likely cause for the disconnect is divided publisher focus. While the majority of brands are focused on the need for consistent measurement (83.3%) and agencies on data privacy (70.5%), publisher attention is split; ad fraud, brand safety, and measurement are cited as top priorities for around 45% of respondents. In trying to cover multiple industry issues at once, publishers could have lost sight of the buyer perspective.

Despite the rise of subscriptions, advertising is still a vital means of effective monetisation for publishers, contributing to 6.8% growth in the latest Digital Publishers Revenue Index (DPRI). As a result, understanding brand and agency requirements is crucial for publishers to ensure advertising offerings are fine-tuned for maximum brand/agency appeal.

However, the disparity of priorities means publishers are at risk of missing out and ad budgets being reallocated elsewhere. Indeed, nearly 60% of buyers identified an inability to link campaign exposure to return on investment (ROI), a clear threat to digital advertising budgets especially for those not providing consistent measurement.

Based on analysis of responses from 153 media professionals working across the industry, the IAS report gives publishers a clear view of current opinion that can be used to adapt their approach and realign with the priorities that matter to media buyers.

Lee Moulding, Head of Platform Solutions at Integral Ad Science, comments, “The ability to measure the impact of a campaign is an increasing concern for the buy-side and publishers must listen to their revenue source and take their concerns seriously if they hope to attract greater ad budgets in 2019.

“By employing versatile verification technologies publishers will be able to offer brands and agencies consistent measurement, while also employing a proactive ad fraud strategy.”

Download the full IAS 2019 Industry Pulse Report