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Publishers are finding Flipboard is working for them

In the last six months, dozens of publishers have made their content available on Flipboard, an aggregator platform that launched in 2010. Time Inc. UK started putting all its brands on the platform in April of this year.

Now, the company has said Flipboard is its fourth-biggest referrer behind Google, Facebook and Twitter, making up between 1 and 2 percent of total traffic across titles. Condé Nast Britain has added four titles to the platform and said the platform is starting to rival Twitter. Between 6 and 7 percent of traffic to Another Magazine, part of Dazed Media, comes from Flipboard. On a strong day for U.K. finance publisher City A.M., Flipboard can account for between 10 and 11 percent of its traffic.

These aren’t Facebook-like numbers, but publishers are thirsty for platforms outside the dominant duopoly, and every bit helps. The upside: Flipboard doesn’t require lots of tech heavy-lifting. For thousands of publishers, including Time Inc. UK and Another Magazine, Flipboard simply takes the RSS feed, displays publisher content and directs traffic back to publishers’ sites, where they can monetize their traffic and keep the user data.

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