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Publishers and Medium work together to entice readers

When Washington Post writer Geoff Edgers wrote an article about tracking down a lost violin in March this year, he took to Medium, home to long-form essays and think pieces, to explain the reporting process behind the final feature.

While the Post article was the finished product, the Medium article outlined Edgers’ first tip-off, the 75 interviews he conducted and how he uncovered a concert listing from 1980. “There are these feature stories that are hard to know if you’re going to be interested in just by the headline,” said Jessica Stahl, editor for social, search and communities at The Washington Post. “We posted this behind-the-scenes piece to Medium because the community is interested in really going deep on how the journalism was accomplished,” she added.

The Medium article for Edgers’ piece, Missing for 35 years, the stunning discovery of a stolen Stradivarius, was “the perfect symbiosis between the idea of a reporter notebook and a long feature piece that you had to sell people on,” according to Stahl.

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