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Print advertising standing up to “challenging backdrop”

Latest data for UK advertising shows digital, online and mobile formats have driven record first-half spending, while traditional print remains steady despite decline.

The Advertising Association and Warc Expenditure Report reveals quarterly UK advertising spend on direct mail, magazines, regional and national news titles, out-of-home signage, radio and television and gives forecasts for the coming two years.

The latest figures show total advertising spend across the formats in H1 2016 was higher than forecast, up 5.2% to £9.9bn.

The figures show a 17% increase in internet advertising spend, including a massive 53% jump in mobile adspend, as well as a 30% boost in digital out-of-home advertising spend.

Conversely the figures for print continued to reflect decline, with national and regional newsbrand adspend dropping 9.2% (to £218m) in Q2 and 13.2% (to £214m) respectively and a decrease of 7.7% to £300m for printed magazine ads in the six months to July.

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