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PPA collaborates with publishers and retailers to drive print magazine sales

The Professional Publishers Association (PPA) is collaborating with publishing houses and retailers in a campaign to drive single copy print magazine sales.

Entitled Press Pause, the UK campaign is being backed by major publishing houses including Time Inc., Future Publishing and Bauer Media. They will provide advertising and editorial space in their titles, both print and online, while magazine retailers, including supermarkets, will carry Press Pause promotional displays throughout 2018.

The aim of the campaign is to reinforce the image of print magazines as a beneficial way of relaxing and having personal ‘down time’, as well as encouraging people to rediscover the simple satisfaction derived from reading their chosen magazines.

Running through into 2019, the campaign will be slanted towards millennials in the hope that this demographic will take to print titles in the same they have with vinyl records.

Barry McIlheney, CEO of the PPA, says, “The UK produces some of the world’s greatest publications, and the magazine industry as a whole performs an incredible and underrated service that educates, entertains and feeds the passions of the British public. We want even more people to start taking advantage of this and create more ‘me time’ to help deal with the daily stresses that life throws at us.”