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Podcasts could be the year’s biggest opportunity …. or not: The Media Roundup

2023 could be rough for podcasters

Nicholas Quah, Vulture’s podcast critic, has been asking podcasting pros what they think is likely to be coming down the pike in 2023. He says dozens of insiders, creators, and executives responded to that prompt, and according to them, one thing is for sure: 2023 is going to hurt with recession concerns running ‘very high’.

Or podcasts could be the year’s biggest opportunity

A healthy 13% of UK respondents to a YouGov survey said said they would increase their use of podcasts in 2023. The rise in podcast listening is in stark contrast with the 58% of respondents who said they expected their level of consumption of newspapers and magazines to remain unchanged in the coming 12 months.

Meta might, finally, be killing off Crowdtangle

A tool that tracks popular social media posts – and that has caused some embarrassment for Meta management – is reported to be set for shutdown. Researchers have used CrowdTangle to track the spread of viral stories on Facebook, including misinformation, but Facebook has said it’s reach figures are a better measure of engagement. Problem is, they don’t typically release that data.

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