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Podcasts and newsletters — 5 similarities and 1 huge difference: The Media Roundup

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Podcasts and newsletters: 5 similarities and 1 huge difference

In the ‘Newsletters’ episode of our Media Moments 2022 podcast series, we touched on the similarities between newsletter publishing and podcasting. We all agreed, for once, that both have played an important part in the continued democratisation of content creation.

For WNIP, Peter Houston takes a look at five similarities between podcasts and newsletters, and one huge difference. There’s lots of useful parallels in the way both products can be approached, from the very personal connection to the ability to create superfans.

“The direct relationship that podcast listeners and newsletter subscribers enjoy with their chosen media goes way beyond most other content formats, certainly in the digital space,” Peter explains. “They are opt-in, they are on demand and they deliver regularly on the promise of a direct, personal, communication between the publisher and the audience.”

P.S. I personally think this is one of P’s smartest bits of writing this year so do give it a read.

What publishers can learn from gaming

Chris wrote earlier this year about what publishers can learn from investing in newsgames. This piece from sets out why exploring a ‘lean in’ rather than ‘lean back’ approach to some stories can be beneficial, but also has some warnings for those using short-term gaming tactics to create habits.

5 principles to guide your media strategy for 2023

Some publishers have seen real benefits from high-quality, distinctive reporting during the various major news events of the last few years. Now, they need to keep this momentum going. Damian Radcliffe draws out some lessons from the Innovation in News Media World Report for publishers shaping their strategies next year.

A Twitter exodus could mean the end of some online magazines

Who knows if Twitter will last until Christmas, and frankly, it’s getting exhausting trying to keep up with the chaos Musk is inflicting on the site. I also have limited sympathy with publications who, in 2022, are still reliant on one social media platform. But there are some valid points in here about the ability of the platform to develop niche communities – certainly we’ll miss our media friends if/when it all goes tits up.

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