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Perpetual change becomes the norm for video

As part of his 2018 predictions in tech and media, Wochit’s Dror Ginzberg warns publishers that in 2018 and beyond, the need to keep nimble, flexible and relevant is paramount. Here are three of his leading predictions:

1 – Perpetual change becomes the norm for video

“Video currently makes up 69% of all online traffic and this will only keep growing in coming years.”  

“Due to its relative newness however, we’ll keep seeing the format evolve at a rapid pace, to keep up with consumers’ changing attitudes and behaviours. For example, last year we saw platforms, including Apple’s Safari, turn against the ubiquitous use of autoplay video, yet over 60% of digital publishers currently rely on autoplay capabilities for their video content.”

“To overcome these ever changing challenges, content creators  will need to be open and flexible when it comes to video. Rather than looking at the glass as half-empty, these challenges are an opportunity to re-vamp content strategies to keep up with their audiences, who will expect creators to keep pace with the times. Getting creative with content and making sure viewers have a reason to hit the play button will be more critical than ever to engage audiences and get them sharing content across their social platforms.”

“Whatever the purpose of your content, making sure it resonates is always a reliable way to ensure your video content is seen, liked and shared.”

2 – Fragmentation of streaming continues

“The end of the TV subscription is on its way, and this year will show this.”

“As more people opt for personalised streaming experiences rather than traditional traditional TV programming, more players are emerging within the space, including the likes of Apple, Amazon and now Facebook. More and more competitors will keep springing up this year and consumers will have more choice than ever before.”

“However, this choice will be completely fragmented, as some platforms will have exclusivity over content, meaning no one streaming service will be able to cater to every consumer’s needs. Instead, we’ll likely see a rise in more niche streaming platforms to cater to increasingly diverse audiences.”

3 – Short form video will see huge growth, especially in sport

“In 2017 we’ve seen that audiences are increasingly viewing short, snappy, snackable video content.”

“However, this year will see this trend really accelerate especially for ‘near live’ sports highlights, whereby fans can watch online video of sports action, immediately after it happens. This type of short form content will become the new norm by which sports fans will not only watch sports, but also engage online.”

Dror Ginzberg, Co-Founder & CEO of video creation platform Wochit