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Permutive repositions itself to become a privacy-safe audience platform

Ad tech company Permutive has announced it has evolved from a publisher-only data management platform (DMP) to an Audience Platform that enables premium advertisers and publishers to plan, build and activate cohorts whilst keeping data safe via its privacy-first infrastructure.

Audience Platform allows publishers to collect, model and analyze large volumes of first-party data that update in real-time with no need for third-party cookies or IDs. Whilst publishers stay fully in control of their data, the new platform will allow publishers and advertisers to understand commonalities between their audiences, scale-up limited numbers of authenticated users, and target across 100% of a publishers’ inventory. Because the solution is built by publishers using consented first-party data, the solution can be activated across browsers, avoiding audience fragmentation.

For advertisers, the platform enables them to connect with premium publishers across web, mobile, and CTV and reach their full audience at scale using publisher cohorts based on the description of a group of users. Crucially, these cohorts won’t rely on individual user IDs in the programmatic bidstream, thereby reducing the risk of data leaking into the ecosystem. As data never leaves the platform, advertisers can maintain control over their data while matching from insights to activation without revealing it to publishers. 

Commenting on the move to becoming an Audience Platform, Jo Holdaway, Chief Data and Marketing Officer for The Independent and Evening Standard said; “Scale is really important for us to provide a compelling ad solution post third-party cookie deprecation. We don’t want to wait for the deadline either; we want to provide a solution for clients now.

“Permutive’s transition from DMP to Audience Platform provides an opportunity for the buy-side to transact premium inventory across a selection of publisher sites in the programmatic space. Using the Audience Platform illustrates our willingness to support innovation, act collegiately with other publishers and provide a quality environment for clients to engage with our readers in a more meaningful and tailored way.”

Overall, Permutive’s transition will result in better data, better advertising, better relationships with clients and agencies, and better experience for our readers. Plus it means more trust and higher ad yields.

Jo Holdaway, Chief Data and Marketing Officer, The Independent and Evening Standard

Commenting on the evolution of the DMP to an Audience Platform, CEO and Co-founder of Permutive, Joe Root commented; “The way media is traded is rapidly changing and reshaping the relationship between publishers and advertisers. Both advertisers and publishers need a sustainable, privacy-safe solution that not only safeguards them from the chaos going on in the industry but helps them grab the opportunities ahead of them. This is why Permutive is evolving from a DMP to an Audience Platform for both media buyers and sellers where first-party data owners can activate campaigns without compromising on performance.”

Permutive works with clients across Europe, North America and APAC. Clients include News Corp, Hearst, BuzzFeed, The Guardian, The Economist, Discovery and Condé Nast International.