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Pandemic growth was unsustainable. What comes next? — The Media Roundup

As subscriptions falter, commerce could soon follow

We watched the total upending of consumer behaviour two years ago with a sort of horrified curiosity. The boom in eCommerce and the subscription wave were two predictable – but welcome – effects of lockdown. We speculated at the time which behaviours would stick, and which would fade as normal life returned.

In this piece, Mark Stenberg takes a look at what pandemic trends might soon be cresting. “A growing body of evidence suggests that the economy the pandemic wrought was, rather than a glimpse into the future, simply a makeshift survival mechanism,” he writes.

He applies this to the publishers who have reaped huge benefits from eCommerce over the past two years. The growth was unsustainable – we could all see that. But what comes next?

Digital-ad giants Google, Facebook, Amazon come down from pandemic highs

Talking of pandemic rightsizing… Inflation fears, supply-chain shortages, the Ukraine war, Tiktok growth, Apple privacy changes and a gradual return to normalcy after Covid are creating some serious headwinds for the triopoly. Facebook’s advertising growth was the slowest ever experienced since going public a decade ago. See, it’s not all bad.

Clickbait ads have no place in publishers’ monetization strategy

Clickbait creative may generate short-term revenue, but it sharply degrades user experience. When publishers put consumers at the centre of their monetization strategy, revenue follows. Digital publishers must recognize that user protection and user experience go hand in hand and act on the sizable gaps left in both. Louder for those at the back.

The demise of ’90s feminist-zine culture

An articulate obituary of Bitch magazine and what it means for feminist media today from Samhita Mukhopadhyay. “The story of Bitch is, in part, the story of how feminist publications influenced the coverage of gender issues writ large. But it’s also the story of the difficulties of keeping independent outlets afloat…”

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