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Opening up remote hiring has grown and improved the applicant pool: The Media Roundup

Opening up remote hiring has grown and improved the applicant pool

Back in the before times, I wanted to make a podcast series called ‘FCKLDN’. I’ve got nothing against the capital, I just wanted to show there were magazine jobs in other parts of the UK. Good news, bad news time: COVID has made remote working a thing and my podcast idea largely irrelevant.

This piece from Digiday underlines the shift away from office-based hiring, spotlighting publishers like Quartz, Fortune and Axios taking on employees who are not based in their big-city headquarters. The move has opened up the applicant pool to include more people of color and potential employees who would previously been disqualified simply by where they lived.

Quartz CEO Zach Seward told Digiday, “Nothing compared to how fast and strong an impact opening up our applicant pool to remote applicants had.” People of color now make up 42% of Quartz employees overall, up from 31% last year, and 50% of its editorial employees. “This improvement happened faster than I expected,” Seward said.

Winklevoss twins back space-business media company, Payload

The Facebook-adjacent Winkelvoss brothers are putting some of their hard-earned capital into a space business startup. Payload’s coverage is aimed at professionals in the US aerospace and defense industry, a market forecast to be worth $1.4 trillion by 2030. No prizes for guessing they’re starting with a newsletter.

Teen Vogue’s complicated political transformation

For media geeks – and I have to wonder why you’re reading this newsletter if you’re not a media geek – the story of Teen Vogue over the last couple of years has been fascinating. This deep-dive on CJR looks at the teen title’s left-leaning reinvention at a time when America was lurching in the opposite direction.

Can a journalist conduct an interview over DM or email?

Some top tips from Journo Resources for journalists interviewing by email or DM. I love the pragmatism here… yes face-to-face is best and then the phone, but as journalism lecturer Kate Feld says in the piece, “Sometimes contact by social media is all you have”.

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