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Only 9% of digital ads are viewed for more than a second

The vast majority of digital advertising is not being viewed at all, with many marketers still failing to apply effectiveness techniques learned from print and out-of-home to the channel, according to a new study.

Since January 2016, research firm Lumen has used laptop-mounted eye tracking cameras on 300 consumers’ laptops to collect visual data on what they notice when they are online. And over this period the study, which was run in partnership with Nectar-owner Aimia, recorded 30,000 minutes of data, with evidence relating to around 15,000 digital ads.

It found that only 44% of digital display ads received any views at all. And, of those, only 9% of ads received more than a second’s worth of attention. Only 4% of ads, meanwhile, received more than 2 seconds of engagement.

Lumen, which has branded the IAB’s requirement for a digital ad to get one second of dwell time in order to officially register as an impression “ludicrous”, urging marketers to apply learnings from print. As a channel, it says print still provides much more provable effectiveness than digital advertising.

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