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NewsWhip tracks trending themes and stories

As publishers — scrambling for revenues and audiences in a rapidly changing media industry — try to get a grip on how to make the best use of social platforms like Facebook and Twitter (without simply conceding traffic to those social platforms), a startup that’s building tools to help them surface interesting content has raised $6.4 million in funding to grow its business.

NewsWhip — which tracks what stories and themes are trending, along with influencers, and provides that data to publishers and brands so that they can follow the money, so to speak, and build out their editorial strategy — is getting its funding from two strategic investors, The Associated Press and Japanese newspaper Asahi Shimbun.

“Across the media ecosystem, NewsWhip is replacing hunches and guesswork with hard data and predictions. Each minute, we’re matching content and stories with the people who need to know about them. Our long tail data helps shape editorial strategy at the most important media outlets and brands,” said Quigley, NewsWhip’s CEO, in a statement.

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