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Newsletters are on the rise. How can publishers make the most of it?

Media Insider’s new episode dives into the newsletter boom and asks where it is heading to.

It seems like the breakthrough media technology of the 2020s is… the newsletter. 

Just a year and a half ago, there were around 100k paying subscribers on Substack. Now, this number is more than half a million. Newsletters are growing their popularity all around us. The only question here is: where are we going with this from now on?

In the new episode of Media Insider, our guests dive into the captivating discussion on subscription fatigue and its effect on the media managers, the reason behind newsletter spike in popularity, how to turn fans into paid subscribers and the best metrics to measure all the above. 

Here are a couple of thoughts from the episode: 

Newsletters really open up the ability to find product-market fit with more nuanced niches of your audience. 

Jason Bade, co-founder and president of Pico

Some people have done articles and sent them by email, which is not what a newsletter is. It [newsletter] is a letter, it is a direct relationship with somebody, who signed up for it and is paying for it. You need to make them feel that you’re writing to them directly.

Sarah Ebner, the head of newsletters at the Financial Times

This episode is hosted by Jakub Parusinski, editor at The Fix and David Tvrdon, subscription growth specialist, Dennik SME, and contributor at The Fix. 

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