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News Revenue Hub offers free donation software for newsrooms worldwide

Free software for news publishers to generate reader contributions and solicit donations is being made available to news publishers worldwide.

News Revenue Hub, the San Diego-based nonprofit helping U.S. local newsrooms with tech infrastructure and consulting services, has launched RevEngine – a self-service donation management platform tailored specifically for newsrooms.

The free version of RevEngine is now available to all global newsrooms, regardless of nonprofit or for-profit status, and consists of out-of-the-box page templates, customizable branding and appeal language, mobile payment options, and a portal for contributors to manage payments. Newsrooms can sign up for the free software and begin collecting payments immediately. 

Founded in 2016 by Mary Walter-Brown and Tristan Loper, News Revenue Hub has helped more than 70 U.S. local, regional, and national organizations crowdfund over $80 million. Newsrooms helped include Grist, Report for America, Radio Ambulante, Nevada Independent, InsideClimate News, The Marshall Project and Politifact. The Hub is now in the process of transitioning its existing newsroom partners to the new platform. 

Walter-Brown says, “We saw an opportunity to create a turnkey tool for any newsroom to solicit donations from their community — especially during times of crisis, when people value them most.”

RevEngine has the potential to change the path of sustainability for newsrooms around the world with a business model that prioritizes informing communities without walling off reporting that can improve lives.

Mary Walter-Brown, Co-Founder & CEO of News Revenue Hub

114 participating publishers tested the RevEngine platform during the NewsMatch end-of-2022 fundraising campaign. OpenCampus, one of the participating publishers, raised more than $30,600 — the amount they needed to receive matching funds — through RevEngine. 

When a reader donates to you, it’s about more than just giving money. It’s like they’re investing in you and they feel a greater connection to your work.

Lauren Wiley, OpenCampus’ Director of Local Development and Revenue

The Hub received funding from Google and the Knight Foundation to develop RevEngine, with additional paid tiers set to roll out later this year, which will include email marketing automation, Slack notifications, advanced analytics and more.