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New vertical video ads available across Vibrant Media’s global markets

The original native advertising company, Vibrant Media, continues to compete with the world’s specialist video ad networks on viewability, scale, targeting and budget bases, with its new Vibrant Vertical video ad format. The new technology joins Vibrant’s pre-roll, In-Line and Lightbox video ads in the Vibrant Video portfolio and is available across North America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia-Pacific.

Brands with Snapchat content can now use Vibrant Vertical to reach an additional 450 million unique users per month from within the brand-safe editorial of over 6600 premium publications.

The new format makes consumption of brands’ video content a more natural experience for mobile users, as mobile phones are used in vertical portrait-mode 98 percent of the time. Vibrant Vertical removes the requirement to rotate devices horizontally to landscape-mode, which is a barrier to delivering the full-screen experience that both brands and consumers want from mobile video.

Although vertical video has been shown to encourage consumers to watch the entirety of mobile video ads, all Vibrant Video ads already experience extremely high completion rates. Since the ads are contextually-relevant to the editorial they are placed within, consumers see Vibrant Video as enhancing their content experience, so they are more likely to watch the video ad completely. Moreover, because the video ads are user-initiated, consumers must actively choose to view each video ad. They are more likely to view a video ad in its entirety when they can do so on their own terms.

Brands with TV or video content produced in landscape format can also take advantage of Vibrant’s in-house creative team who can convert videos for vertical portrait display, as well as adding text animations and call-to-actions at no extra cost.

Founder and executive chairman of Vibrant Media, Craig Gooding, said, “In 2016, 43 per cent of our media agency buyers and planners bought vertical video ads. However, for 2017, 97 per cent of all our media agency buyers and planners expect more budget to be committed to vertical video. Vibrant Vertical will fulfil their pressing need to give brands and consumers a non-disruptive full-screen video experience. In line with the viewability focus of all Vibrant Video ads, consumers will only play Vibrant Vertical ads when they vertically scroll 70 per cent of the format onto their mobile screens. We can also guarantee engaged viewers as brands will only pay when a consumer actively chooses to watch their videos.”