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New data casts doubt on Facebook’s commitment to quality news

Some recent data on the best-performing news brands on Facebook seems to show that high-quality new sources are getting less engagement on Facebook and lower quality sites are getting a lot more. This is the exact opposite of what CEO Mark Zuckerberg promised just last week, when he said the company was working to elevate quality journalism in the news feed, while cutting down on the visibility of fake news and clickbait.

NewsWhip, a social-media metrics company, tracks the “most engaged” sites on the network as measured by likes, comments, reactions, and shares. In its ranking for April, Fox News climbed from third place to first with more than 30 million engagements, while previous leader CNN dropped to second with 24 million. The Daily Mail rose to fourth from seventh and a site called Daily Wire, which specializes in conservative news, climbed to eighth with 14 million engagements.

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