Audience Engagement
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New analytics tool Kaleida shows what stories and topics matter to readers

The platform is designed to give editors an overview of what topics are trending and how audiences are interacting with news stories from a variety of publications.

Kaleida, launched this month, collects data from outlets across the media industry and presents it in a variety of ways to help editors see what topics they should be covering for their audiences.

The information comes from multiple sources, including the front pages of approximately 20 leading digital publishers and the share counts on Facebook throughout the day for each of their articles, along with publicly available demographic data.

The platform conducts sentiment analysis and uses machine learning and tools such as Elasticsearch to identify patterns in news consumption and predict the performance of stories.

“Although looking at one organisation’s analytics is great, it is even better if you get a wider view across the industry,” said Graham Tackley, Kaleida’s co-founder and chief technical officer.

“You need to understand not just what your organisation is doing, but how what your organisation is doing is fitting with the other publishers around the world.

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