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Mozoo launches world’s first 100% viewable mobile video ad

New format combines three types of ad unit in one, to create the optimum mobile advertising experience

Mozoo, the mobile monetisation specialist, has launched OUT-ROLL™, the first mobile video ad-unit to offer 100% viewability, 85% increase on average video completion rates compared to alternatives, and an innovative non-intrusive user experience.

Unlike typical outstream formats, OUT-ROLL™ stays in view instead of disappearing off the screen. As the user scrolls down the page, a non-invasive in-content video appears in the bottom right-hand corner. Its sleek design allows the video to continue running without interrupting content consumption – a common reason given for the increase in ad-block use. An immersive interstitial will load only when the user has finished reading the page – allowing the consumer to interact with the brand as they choose and not interrupting their content experience.

This groundbreaking new format seamlessly combines in-content video, smartfooter video and immersive interstitial into one single ad-unit, making it the most engaging and effective mobile ad-unit available.

By offering maximum completion rates to advertisers, OUT-ROLL™ boosts publisher eCPMs and traffic revenue without increasing latency.

“As video advertising spend continues to rise, the market is becoming more cluttered and achieving cut through without alienating their consumer base is a big challenge for publishers.” said Max Pepe, Marketing Director at Mozoo.

“While in isolation the most popular video ad formats – in-content, pre-roll, and interstitial – have their advantages, they also have weaknesses. This is why we created OUT-ROLL™ by taking what works best from each format, addressing what doesn’t and blending it into the one product so that publishers and advertisers can benefit from a streamlined approach to mobile video advertising.”