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Monetizing content: Benefits and challenges of different publishing business models

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For publishers and newsrooms, figuring out how to stay trustworthy, respect your readers and preserve integrity, yet manage to earn enough money to keep the business afloat – remains a great challenge.

Modern media consumers got used to instant gratification and there is still a widespread belief that all online content should be free. Many tend to act entitled and confuse the great opportunity to learn from high-quality articles – with their right to be informed.

This leaves publishers who are trying to monetize their content, in a pickle.

Information is everywhere today and it’s easily accessible. But this is precisely why it has become a challenge to separate wheat from chaff and recognize meaningful melodies in so much content noise.

In the 21st century, information has great value, especially if it’s placed in the right place and at the right time. Our experience has shown that, with the right strategy, publishers can successfully monetize their expertise by offering in-depth analyses, reports, and other types of exclusive content, or they can partner up with brands and create native stories which their readers will love and appreciate.

This is possible because readers have shown that they are hungry for quality and don’t mind paying for great content.

Check out the infographic below (open the image in new tab for full resolution) to see an overview of important stats in the publishing industry, as well as major pros and cons of different publishing business models such as native advertising, subscriptions, donations and memberships.

by Mia Čomić

Republished with kind permission of Content Insights, the next generation content analytics solution that translates complex editorial data into actionable insights.

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