Digital Innovation
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Mobile is the status quo; voice will be the point of interaction

If publishers have a development strategy using “mobile first” as mantra today, they are five years too late. Everything today should be underpinned by mobile, “because that is where the audiences are”.

Usage across other platforms on the other hand are “stagnating or shrinking.”

The distributed content challenge

On the back of mobile, the rise of platforms, and in particular Facebook, drove further change. Only a few years ago “we had our own properties on our own platforms, our own apps and our own mobile sites where users came to interact. Life was good, so to speak. Today we are in an era of distributed content, with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, with Google and with Amazon Alexa now also a potential source of interaction.”

While this enhances audience reach for publishers, it creates complexity. Because platforms are proprietary, “you have to adapt and build different APIs” to engage on said platforms.

“The challenge for journalists, apart from having to optimise content for each channel, is they have often have to work in difference CMS environments”, for example with Facebook Instant Articles. “In the end this produces cost, where currently, across most platforms, revenues do not yet cover those costs.”

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