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MiQ acquires AirGrid, the privacy-first audience platform for publishers 

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MiQ’s first-ever acquisition marks a significant step in empowering the new world of cookieless digital advertising for both brands and publishers.

MiQ, the specialist programmatic media partner for brands and agencies, has acquired AirGrid as its first acquisition just two months after a significant private equity investment from Bridgepoint.

Founded in London in 2010 by Gurman Hundal and Lee Puri, MiQ helps brands scale and deliver ROI through its analytical solutions and tech platform. In essence, the company’s real-time data insights and analytics enable stronger performing ad campaigns. The company operates globally from 18 offices located in North America, Europe, and APAC.

To date, MiQ has been platform agnostic, pulling in data and insights from a multitude of sources. By purchasing AirGrid, who work closely with a number of large-scale UK publishers, MiQ is now able to deepen its audience insights using its own proprietary platform. AirGrid will retain its brand name and serve as a standalone entity under the MiQ umbrella. 

John Goulding, Global Chief Strategy Officer for MiQ, says, “With AirGrid, publishers and marketers will be able to target inaccessible audiences previously out of reach due to cookie blockers.”

It’s a win-win-win scenario. Publishers get better control, access, and monetisation opportunities, brands can apply more precise targeting functionality to key audiences historically out of reach, and consumers’ data never leaves their device.

John Goulding, Global Chief Strategy Officer, MiQ

With a global reach of hundreds of millions of users, AirGrid’s solutions are available now for any campaigns targeting UK supply, providing instant access to first-party data from five UK publishers and over 750 domains. MiQ is already working to expand this to the U.S. and Canadian markets, which will be available in the second half of 2023. 

Speaking to WNIP, Dennis Yurkevich, AirGrid Founder and Managing Director, says, “Publishers have become much more important in a privacy-centered ecosystem, and first-party data is now immensely valuable.

A lot of the ad tech infrastructure is moving to the browser, and publishers own that browser data, so a much closer relationship with publishers is vitally important. Google may have delayed the cookieless deadline to 2024, but its reality is already here.

Dennis Yurkevich, AirGrid founder and CEO, and now Managing Director and CTO