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Meta rethinks news partnerships, Guardian betting big on newsletters, and more: The Media Roundup

Meta rethinks news partnerships as priorities shift

Sorry, the full story here is behind The Information’s paywall, but we haven’t seen this reported elsewhere. Anyway… it seems that Meta is thinking about reducing the money it gives news organisations less than a week after posting its slowest revenue growth since going public in 2012. Quelle surprise.

The Information is reporting that ‘people familiar with the matter’ say the company formerly known as Facebook is reevaluating the news partnerships it struck over the past few years. Why? Because it needs to cut costs and fewer people are clicking on news articles since Trump’s outrage engine pulled out of town.

Meta rethinks news partnerships as priorities shift

There’s no told-you-so in this, but we talk frequently on the podcast about how relying on platform philanthropy is not a long-term strategy for news publishers. And this story just proves that when the going gets tough, the move fast and break things ethos at Facebook is never really that far from the surface. News is very much a disposable commodity.

Why The Guardian is betting big on newsletters and ignoring click-throughs

Press Gazette has been speaking to the Guardian’s newsletter team after the launch of the paper’s new flagship current affairs newsletter First Edition. The Guardian now claims to have over a million unique subscribers across its portfolio of 50 newsletters and the underlying strategy is shifting to look more at newsletters as their own thing rather than a driver for web traffic.

Ukrainian journalists win special Pulitzer citation

The Pulitzer prizes for journalism have been awarded and alongside plaudits for many US journalists covering a range of domestic and international issues, the Pulitzer board has cited Ukrainian journalists ‘for their courage, endurance and commitment to truthful reporting during Vladimir Putin’s ruthless invasion’. They have more to think about right now, but huge congratulations from the Media Voices team.

‘Gizmodo’ Turns 20

How many pureplay digital media brands can you think of that are two decades old? Gizmodo is one and ahead of its 20th anniversary, Mediapost is interviewing its EIC David Ewalt. There’s some interesting stuff in here about the tech site’s evolution away from just gadgets and future plans inside G/O media.

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