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Media megadeals, Spotify to auto-transcribe podcasts, and more: The Media Roundup

Media megadeals, distribution and demand

Second only to programmatic advertising, understanding the motivations behind corporate media deals is a dark art. If Axios Chief Financial Correspondent Felix Salmon can’t figure out if AT&T’s Warner/Discovery merger is a good idea, what hope do us lesser mortals have?

Media megadeals, distribution and demand

Thank God for Stratechery’s Ben Thomson is all I’m saying. He devotes 2,000+ words to unpacking the various issues with big businesses buying slightly smaller media companies and then having to sell them off really cheap. But he makes the crucial point with a single quote from the original Cable Guy and major Discovery shareholder John Malone.

I think that the technology of connectivity and digital technologies are one focus, and creating content that people get addicted to is another focus.

In other words, stick to your knitting.

Spotify to auto-transcribe podcasts

The good news is Spotify is making ‘accessibility-oriented updates’ to its app in both iOS and Android. The bad news is that one of those will allow for automatic podcast transcriptions. Spotify says it is one of the first major podcast apps to make this an automated feature. YES, FOR A REASON! Just ask Rachael how long it takes her to clean up our automated transcripts. This will not end well.

DuckDuckGo, Firefox & GitHub say ‘no FLoCing way’ to Google’s privacy updates

Ah thank you Google for the headlines that just keep on writing themselves. FloCs, Google’s proposed third-party cookies replacement, continue to be met with resistance. The Drum is reporting that within the past month, DuckDuckGo, GitHub and Mozilla Firefox have predictably all told Google to get to FLoC. Sorry, but it was an open goal.

Lachlan Murdoch is pulling all-nighters to prove he is a worthy successor to his father

This story is behind Insider’s paywall so the chances are you won’t be able to read it. But to be honest the headline probably tells you everything you need to know. Especially if I tell you the lead says, “local papers have reported sightings of the handsome billionaire out for lunch at Sydney’s Rockpool restaurant and cruising around town in his Maserati.” There just aren’t enough tiny violins in the world.

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