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“Media brands never really die, even when they stop publishing.”

It’s been about 10 years since FHM, a formerly high-flying “lad mag” originally known as For Him Magazine, stopped publishing a print edition in the U.S. But Bauer Xcel Media, which took over FHM’s website when the U.K. edition of the magazine folded last year, recently reintroduced FHM as a digital-only destination in the U.S.
The magazine, which appealed to guys with its brash sensibility and near-nude models, had its heyday in the 1990s. So today’s up-and-coming man, a consumer demographic coveted by publishers and advertisers, might not really be familiar with the brand. But Allison Mezzafonte, senior VP-operations for Bauer Xcel Media US, isn’t counting on it in her plans.
“I don’t think we can assume that there’s any real legacy value with the brand name,” she told Ad Age., which had stopped posting new content but never went offline, began publishing new articles and video again about two months ago.

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