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Making well-loved print brands work digitally, and other insights from Minute Media

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On this week’s episode, Asaf Peled, founder and CEO of Minute Media (home to 90min12upMental Floss and more) takes us through the importance of community to its brands, making well-loved print brands work digitally, and the outlook for digital media more generally.

He also discusses the complexities of managing both the tech and media sides of the business, and their acquisition of Peter’s favourite brand Mental Floss.

In the news roundup, the team debates whether Twitter’s political ad ban will move the needle on the abuse of political ads online, Future plc’s acquisition of TI Media, and ask when an editor is as morally culpable as a columnist. The team engages in some historical revisionism about their past predictions.

Republished with kind permission of Media Voices, a weekly look at all the news and views from across the media world