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Make Possible Online Summit, by Permutive

With third-party cookies soon to be a thing of the past, the advertising industry is at an inflection point requiring change, new thinking and different minds to work together. Permutive, the publisher data platform built on edge computing, is facilitating this by presenting the inaugural Make Possible Online Summit on 23 April. 

This event is designed to showcase people from publishers, agencies and brands who have pushed the limits of their capabilities and made an impact, driving positive outcomes. The agenda shows panels on ‘the future of media trading’ and ‘first party data-strategies’, featuring the likes of News UK, Mindshare, Condé Nast International and ESI Media. If you work in programmatic, adops, revenue or digital sales, then tune in and get involved to take away actionable insights.

When: 23rd April, 2020, 2:00 PM – 3:30 PM (BST)

Where: Online, WFH, free event

Link to registration site

Target audience: Change makers working for publishers, agencies and brands. 


2pm – kick off by Joe Root, Co-founder and CEO at Permutive

2.15pm – The Future of Media Trading [panel] – The demise of third-party cookies has had a significant impact on media trading. Both buy and sell side have had to adapt to the browser and regulatory changes. It’s clear that the way things “used to be done” are not going to work anymore. This panel we’ll talk about what the future of media trading will look like when there is no more third-party cookie.

2.50pm – Publisher Data: The New Media Currency [panel] – Over the past 10 years, the gap between advertisers and publishers has widened and been filled with intermediaries. With third-party cookies now a thing of the past, advertisers are becoming data-poor and publishers’ first-party data is becoming the dominant currency in the digital ad market. How can publishers use this to build direct relationships with media buyers? In this session we’ll explore what the future holds for media trading when data becomes a publisher asset instead of a commodity.

3.20pm – closing remarks by Becky Dutta, VP Customer Success at Permutive

Speakers list: 

Ben Walmsley, News UK
Alexis Faulkner, Mindshare
Dean Robinson, William Hill
Lucinda Southern, Digiday

Karen Eccles, The Telegraph
Chris Austin, Condé Nast International
Jo Holdaway, ESI Media
Sarah Lavery, IDG

Joe Root, Permutive

Becky Dutta, Permutive