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Magazines see audiences shift to mobile

MPA — The Association of Magazine Media has released The Magazine Media 360° Brand Audience Report for the first half 2016, showing that magazine media brands continue to innovate for consumption across platforms, engaging readers with content when, where and how they want it. Using data from leading third-party providers, the Brand Audience Report shows that the average audience for magazine brands grew by 6.2 per cent year-over-year.

“Over the last 11 months, we have seen an almost uninterrupted trend in the magazine media audience mix by platform,” said Linda Thomas Brooks, president and CEO, MPA. “While web access on laptop and desktop is down slightly, video and mobile web audiences are growing by substantial double digits. For every one desktop/laptop unique visitor that was lost, nine new mobile unique users were added. And with new MRI data released in June, print audiences grew 1.5 per cent compared to last year.”

For the first half 2016 average, more than one third of the reported magazine media brands increased Magazine Media 360° Total Audience by 10 percent or more and nearly one fifth increased by 25 per cent or more. By category, Travel (14.9 per cent), Women’s Fashion and Beauty (14.9 per cent) and Business & Finance (14.1 per cent) all grew by double digits and more than twice the average.

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