Digital Innovation
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Machine learning will give publishing visual, interactive Content on a Big Scale

It’s easy to understand how visual and interactive content benefits a publisher. The challenge, however, is that building this content is incredibly resource-intensive. Most publishers don’t have the team or technology in place to create visual, interactive content at any scale.

And resources are only shrinking. According to the Pew Research Center, newsroom employment figures dropped 10 percent in 2016, leaving the workforce with 20,000 fewer positions than 20 years ago. Integrating rich media is difficult as organizations consolidate and budgets shrink. (In The Times’ 2020 Report, which advocates for more graphics-driven storytelling, the editors lament a lack of expertise and tools to reach this goal.)

For newsrooms, this signals an entirely new category of editorial content. I call it “dynamic editorial,” the creation of visual and interactive editorial at scale, through machine learning. This type of intelligent content automation will fundamentally change the nature of news publishing, making lives easier for journalists.

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