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Katherine Viner on how The Guardian has lasted 200 years: The Media Roundup

Katherine Viner on how The Guardian has lasted 200 years

It wasn’t that long ago that very few people would have bet on the Guardian reaching its 200th anniversary. But happily, here we are.

This week the paper (can we still call it a paper?) enters its third century and is in better shape than anyone would have predicted – about £1 billion in the bank and annual losses down to a manageable £10 or £20 million. More importantly, it has more than 1 million paying readers and is the sixth biggest news website in the world.

Katherine Viner on how The Guardian has lasted 200 years

This Press Gazette interview with editor Kath Viner gets into why she thinks the publication has lasted and what it needs to do to last another 200 years. Spoiler: it’s all about reliable journalism.

Where Scroll fits in Twitter’s subscription plans

Twitter’s latest acquisition is Scroll, a subscription service that supports ad-free reading across a network of premier publishers, including Vox Media, Insider and The Atlantic. The deal deepens the rumours that Twitter is gearing up to develop a supercharged content consumption and discovery hub.

What does iOS 14.5 really mean for digital ads?

Apple’s new privacy controls have stoked the advertiser-tracking bonfire, says Jamie Gavin at FIPP. The iOS opt-in shift that brought strong reactions from publishers and advertisers and Jamie has rounded up the most interesting to figure out what the changes really tell us about the state of the digital advertising industry.

Five lessons from indie publishers

Netflix and Spotify might have made subscriptions mainstream, but smaller independent publishers have been having to come up with unique selling point for as long as they have existed. Here are five things we can all learn from indie innovators that have been surviving on reader revenues forever.

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