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JPIMedia launches ‘Children’s Home Page’ across its entire portfolio, curated by First News

JPIMedia, one of the UK’s largest national, regional and local media publishers, has launched a dedicated ‘Children’s Home Page’ across its entire portfolio of hundreds of publications and news websites.

The ‘Children’s Home Page’ will be published every week reaching millions of young people across the UK with the aim of helping children having access to trusted news, as well as entertaining articles that “inspire and inform”.

The initiative has been launched in partnership with First News, the UK’s only children’s newspaper, who will curate the Children’s Home Page on behalf of JPIMedia. First News, launched in 2006, is the widest-read children’s publication in Britain with a weekly readership of 2.2M 7-14-year-old’s with almost half of all schools subscribing to the newspaper and its accompanying educational resources.

Editor in chief Nicky Cox MBE says, “Our mission is to encourage a better world by ensuring the next generation is better informed than the last. While children make up 27% of the world’s people, they are 100% of the future. Our hope is that First News will play its part in supporting young people to become engaged, interested and active global citizens.

We are thrilled to be working with JPIMedia to reach even more children across the United Kingdom and see the ‘Children’s Home Page’ as just the starting point for a long and impactful partnership.

Nicky Cox MBE , Editor in chief, First News

Tina Callcutt, Director of Content Sales at JPIMedia, says, “Ensuring that children have great access to reliable information from a safe and trusted environment in the era of fake news is of utmost importance. We are delighted to be partnering up with First News to help bring local knowledge and news for those aged 7-14 as part of our regular content offering.”

Chief Executive and Co-Founder of First News, Sarah Thomson, adds, “First News is 15 years old this year, we retain the same vision from the day we launched; which is to inspire children to be curious about the world around them and importantly their place within it, I believe that for children to be agents of their future they need to be given the knowledge to enable them to be better informed and that is what First News aims to do whether at home or at school. I am proud that every week we create a newspaper that kids can trust and love! 

“We are thrilled to be partnering with JPIMedia – with JPI’s huge national footprint we will be engaging more children and their families than ever before. We have lots of exciting initiatives in the pipeline which we are looking forward to sharing in due course.”