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Jessica Butcher of Blippar: My advice to publishing tech entrepreneurs

From four friends in a London pub to a business with 300 staff, 14 international offices and $100 million of VC investment, Blippar Co-Founder Jessica Butcher has a wealth of experience to impart to budding entrepreneurs.

Speaking at London’s Startup Grind last Thursday she covered the perils inherent in building up a publishing tech brand, why value-based pricing is better than performance, and the reason investing in people is far more preferable to investing in ideas.

She emphasised that the augmented reality tech she pioneered is still very much in its infancy and that the role of a publishing tech company is not to create content, but to provide the tools for other people – content specialists – to do so.

Much more is revealed in the full interview and Q&A below (the first minute or so is glitchy):