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Introducing the biggest women’s magazine launch in a decade

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It’s not often we get to say it, but a new women’s print magazine hits newsstands today! 

Platinum magazine is the latest glossy on the market, with what has been described as ‘the biggest women’s magazine launch in over a decade,’ according to publishers DC Thomson. 250,000 copies of the first edition are being printed and distributed throughout the UK.

It is the target demographic which sets this launch apart from many other glossy magazines. The title is focusing on women over 55, following research that found two-thirds of this demographic said they felt misrepresented by the media.

“Women in [this] demographic are in the prime of their lives and having the time of their lives – a force to be reckoned with and the glue that holds generations together,” said DC Thomson’s Head of Magazines Maria Welch. “They are both committed magazine readers and powerful consumers.”

Platinum will bring new travel destinations, the latest style inspiration, health tips, financial advice and technology columns to this key demographic, and is aiming to become their must-read monthly.

The magazine is hoping to steer clear of many of the negative stereotypes that perpetuate the media around mature women. Editor Ali Kirker emphasises that Platinum is “for women who are up-to-date in both style and attitude, confident, engaged and interested in exploring the world around them.” 

The title won’t shy away from tackling contemporary, challenging topics, with the first issue exploring self-worth with cover star Julie Walters.  

Images courtesy of DC Thomson

Can its audience commit?

The women’s print magazine market has had a tough time over the last few years, losing key titles from Look to Glamour, and just a few weeks ago, Marie Claire. Although some of these magazines have had a successful transition to digital, their loss on the newsstand has been part of a wider decline in advertising, and has signalled the end of a ‘golden era’ in magazine publishing.

Most of these titles have been aimed at younger women, a demographic which simply aren’t buying and reading physical magazines any more. Platinum has a big advantage here as the 55+ age group are most likely to still have a print habit, and if the subject matter has been done well, will embrace a magazine aimed specifically at them.

Ian McKenzie, DC Thomson’s Head of Circulation, believes that the print magazine stands a fighting chance here as this demographic are the most committed and loyal readers. “We’ve had an overwhelmingly positive response to Platinum,” he said in a statement, explaining that both magazine retail groups and buyers have welcomed the launch as an opportunity to reinvigorate the sector.

The magazine has a growing digital presence as part of its marketing strategy. It’s off to a strong start on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, sharing articles on successful women over 50, ‘greying and glamorous’ influencers to follow, and ways to boost your pension.

It has also already run competitions on social media to drive audience growth, offering Le Creuset kitchenware and Elizabeth Arden gift sets to tempt new readers.

Platinum also has its own ecommerce section in the DC Thomson shop, selling everything from mixed pansy seeds to prosecco candles. It is unclear whether these products will be referenced in the print magazine, or whether the collection is compiled from the store to appeal to that particular audience.

The magazine will be stocked in over 20,000 news outlets across the UK from Wednesday morning with an introductory price of £2.

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