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Industry reacts to Google cookie extension, Facebook launches independent publishing platform, and more: This week in publishing

The must-read publishing stories you may have missed this week

Industry reactions to Google’s cookie-pocalypse postponement

Late last week, Google announced that it would be delaying the phase-out of third party cookies in Chrome to late 2023 – almost 2 years later than the initial deadline. We’ve rounded up the reactions from a number of industry executives.

Whether this move brings frustration or relief (or perhaps a mix of both) will depend on where publishers are in their preparations. Those with established and robust first party data strategies will be waiting longer to see their advantage grow, while those who are a little behind on strategies will welcome the extra time.

Regulatory issues aside, one of the main problems is that there isn’t yet an alternative. Google’s suggestions for FLoCs – dividing internet users into anonymous cohorts based on interests – has divided key industry players. Without a replacement that both advertisers and privacy advocates can get behind, this stalemate may play out for many more years to come. 



Facebook launches independent publishing platform, while its traffic to publishers drops significantly

Facebook has just launched its newsletter platform Bulletin, focused on “independent writers who are making a living by connecting directly with their readers.” But in recent weeks, several publishers have reported seeing a notable drop in the traffic they receive from Facebook. Chartbeat found that the data shows a downward trend in Facebook traffic that began in early May. 


“Gen Z remains an enigma for many media companies”: What publishers need to know

The attention and support of younger readers is critical for the survival and growth of publishers. However, the millennial audience strategy honed over a decade will not work on Gen Z.


Industry reacts to Google cookie extension

Last Thursday, Google announced that it will be delaying the phase-out of the third-party cookie in Chrome to 2023 to allow more time for discussion with regulators, publishers and advertisers.


New research reveals Facebook click-through rates for publishers

A wide variation in Facebook CTRs exists between content verticals, with sports publications achieving an average CTR of 4.5% while international news publications record an average CTR of 1.8%.


Digital advertising across Europe grew 6.3% in 2020: IAB Europe

Despite the most challenging year on record for anyone in publishing or digital advertising, the European advertising market still managed to grow an astonishing 6.3 percent during 2020.


5 tips to make “work from home” work for publishers

While some companies are forcing employees back to the office, most expect the future to be hybrid. Here’s a few tips to keep your team working effectively and not burning out.


Affiliate eCommerce: COVID-19 has created a long-term opportunity for publishers

Smart publishers can leverage brand loyalty to generate affiliate commissions from readers looking for trusted recommendations.


4 questions I wish the 2022 Digital News Report would answer

Some important trends in the world of media – like newsletters, the creator economy, or subscriptions – could benefit from more insight and analysis.


8 ways smaller newsrooms can make audio pay

Proven tactics to monetize audio and make money from podcasts, especially for smaller publishers or those with fewer resources.

In the race for digital subscriptions, how are some publishers getting ahead? Pt. 1

In growing digital subscriptions, loyalty is a function of engagement, not vice versa. How then do publishers quantify engagement?

Importance of data to publishers: Insights from Independent Digital News & Media

Jo Holdaway, Chief Data and Marketing Officer at Independent Digital News & Media talks about what sort of data is important to publishers, why it’s important to have a diverse team working with data, and how she’s preparing for the sunsetting of third-party cookies.

10 news media accounts on Instagram you can’t miss out on

The Fix prepared a list for those who want to get the most important information from European and Middle Eastearn countries in their Instagram feed.

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