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Independent Publishers Alliance: 1st event review

The Independent Publisher Alliance held its first event in London last week entitled The Future of Advertising Trading –  dozens of independent publishers gathered together to discuss how they can best prepare for future changes within the advertising trading ecosystem.

The event was held under Chatham House rules with no reporting or recording of the event permitted – this allowed the lineup of industry speakers to be far more candid than they otherwise would have been. It also meant that the information shared and disclosed was of greater value to the audience than they would have otherwise gleaned from a typical industry event. 

Such was the success of the event, it was unanimously agreed that future events from The Alliance would follow a similar format (if recorded, attendees would be told in advance). In addition, the venue – Soho’s Crown and Two Chairmen – proved to be ideal as it let publishers relax in an informal atmosphere, further encouraging participation from all who attended.

The Alliance would like to thank the four speakers:

  • Peter Wallace: Managing director – EMEA – Gumgum
  • David McMurtrie: Head of UK Publishers, partner solutions – Google UK

Event Highlights

The three founders of the Independent Publishers Alliance outline below their key learnings from this first event as well as their top highlights of the afternoon.

Jon Westbrook 

  • It’s time for publishers to take control of their advertising – first party data, contextual solutions and to partner with a Google MCM (which lets publishers access Google Ad Exchange through a 3rd party).
  • Keep talking. Publishers should share their successes and challenges. Looking for common solutions and working together will give publishers the best chance of success for their websites and brands.
  • The Alliance has a sister organisation – The Alliance of Independent Agencies. Superbly represented at our event by Paul Phelps, CEO at AMS Media Group, it’s fantastic to see other media and advertising functions celebrate their independence.

Alex Newberry

  • Crown and Two Chairman. This venue in London’s Soho was where the Alliance was first conceived and proved to be a fantastic venue for our first event.
  • A publisher was willing to disclose and share their revenue drops in situations where third party cookies are no longer available. The scale of the challenge is clear.
  • The media industry needs to stop blaming ad buyers for spending 50%+ of their digital budget within the Big Tech walled gardens. Instead, it needs better solutions.

Dan Hodgson

  • The Independent Publisher Alliance is validated as an organisation. There is a need for independent publishers to get together, share information and collaborate.
  • Google has a lot more resources available to publishers than any of us were aware of. For example…
    Despite Google looking to push independents towards MCM’s (Multi Customer Managers) it’s still advised to keep close –  Google will continue to represent the majority of your non-direct ad revenue.
  • Book early for the next event! Diversify Your Revenue, 30th September 2021. Keep an eye on What’s New in Publishing for announcements.

The Independent Publishers Alliance would like to thank the two sponsors of the event, Sovrn, the publisher technology platform, and Adnuntius, who specialise in getting publishers and agencies ready for the next generation of automated and targeted advertising without relying on 3rd party data.