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IAB Tech Lab acquires DigiTrust

The IAB Technology Lab has acquired industry consortium DigiTrust, the nonprofit, ad-tech collaboration body responsible for a unified ID service that replaces the multitude of proprietary tracking mechanisms used on web pages.

The deal will see DigiTrust chief executive officer Jordan Mitchell join the IAB Tech Lab, with members of the acquiring working group gaining access to DigiTrust, according to AdExchanger.

In an interview, Dennis Buchheim, senior vice-president and general manager of IAB Tech Lab said that DigiTrust will continue to operate as a standalone outfit. He added: “DigiTrust’s service provides a neutral ID that is useful on its own and also serves as a baseline for related commercial offerings. Our vision is to bring together Tech Lab’s expertise and technical standards portfolio with DigiTrust’s footprint, storage mechanism, and real-time services, to help move the industry forward in audience recognition, privacy controls, and more.”

Initially launched in 2014 out of an IAB working group, DigiTrust aimed to establish a standard ID for web users, so individual ad tech companies won’t have to overload their publisher-partners’ pages with multiple pieces of software or pixels. Since then, the organisation has gained ground, reaching what it described as ‘critical mass’ late last year with major publishers like CBS Interactive already on-board and The Telegraph and News Corp likely to sign up soon.

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