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How Trinity Mirror raised its programmatic ad yields by 40%

Trinity Mirror is among the more prolific programmatic traders with 40 percent (£30 million) of its digital ad revenue made that way. But the publisher is not satisfied: It now wants to drive up programmatic yields across display, video and mobile, while retaining control of how it monetizes programmatically across platforms like Facebook and Google.

It’s rejigged internally, creating a centralized programmatic team of 20 people. Each specializes in a specific area, like video-on-demand, data, ad tech, sales, all overseen by director of programmatic Amir Malik, a former Googler inherited from Trinity’s £220 million ($290 million) acquisition of regional publisher Local World last November.

Programmatic ad yields for video alone have grown 100 percent from a double digit base, so are coasting in the “high twenties,” according to Malik. Overall they’re up 41 percent. Its use of header bidding has led to a 17 percent uplift in programmatic revenue for display ads, and a new focus on Facebook’s Instant Articles means it’s grown programmatic ad revenue via the platform by 30 percent.

Here’s a breakout of how it’s done it:

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