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How to use archival content to contextualise current events: Insights from LA Times

This week, we hear from Adriana Lacy, Audience Engagement Editor at the LA Times. She launched a dedicated Instagram account for the LA Times’ archival photos late last year, so we talked about where those images are sourced from, what the response has been, and how they’ve used historical images of protests to add context to the events of the past few weeks.

She also discusses the LA Times’ wider social media and audience engagement strategy, as well as her own Journalism Internships project and the importance of mentoring.

See the full transcript here.

Adriana also runs her own newsletter The Intersection, exploring journalism, tech and innovation. It’s where we first read about the archival project last year!

In the news roundup, the team tries desperately to stay cheery around some good news for publishers. We don’t succeed.

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