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How to crack Snapchat and Instagram through ‘Stories’

For the uninitiated, Stories are image and/or video-based sequences, often containing text, that users can click or swipe through on social media. The sequence builds up a ‘story’ for the viewer.

Snapchat and Instagram Stories might not be your first port of call when it comes to journalism, however, they are growing in popularity: so, if you want to learn how to tell a news story with ten second videos, you probably need to talk to Sumaiya Omar. A social media consultant and founder of HashtagOurStories, she believes Stories are a great way of producing and curating original journalism.

The ‘Stories’ feature on these platforms may seem trivial to some, but Sumaiya believes they’re more powerful than they’re given credit for.

As she explained: “It doesn’t even have to be one of your own reporters pushing the record button.” Indeed, the ability to curate and commission stories has the ability to enhance a platform in terms of original storytelling and real narratives. In short, Stories represent an unintimidating, low cost investment with the potential for big success.

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