Audience Engagement
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How to best engage audiences with 360-degree video storytelling


It’s no secret that the medium of moving pictures is the quickest way to catch the eye, but as more companies jump on the broadcast bandwagon, it’s increasingly tough to stand out and rise above the competition. As such, we’re witnessing a renewed emphasis on creating truly unique experiences that court that most coveted of marketing metrics: engagement.

One statistic you should take note of, then, is Think With Google research that indicates 360-degree videos achieve 42 per cent more ‘earned actions’ than standard videos. That’s almost twice the number of views, shares and subscribes – the key actions you’ll be looking at when gauging engagement rates.

With YouTube and Facebook now supporting 360-degree playback, virtual panoramic viewing is finally going mainstream. VR headsets are readily available and relatively cheap, but they’re not a necessity because mobile viewers can simply point and turn their device to see the action from any angle. Desktop users can also immerse themselves by clicking and dragging the screen to face the desired direction.

An excellent example of 360 storytelling is Aardman Animations’ short film, ‘Special Delivery’. Be sure to ‘look up’ when you spot something fall to the ground, and then spin around to follow our protagonists as they wander in and out of shot.

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