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How the Financial Times gets people to share more videos

The Financial Times wants to grow its video audience, but it’s got a problem: Business executives tend not to share video.

Despite keeping its text behind a paywall, however, the FT’s video is free to access. Currently, it creates about 200 video clips a month across platforms, including graphics, charts, Live, series and long-form features, opinion and 360 video. According to Tubular Labs, the FT’s videos had roughly 6.8 million views across platforms in February. Each day, the FT publishes around half a dozen clips specifically for Facebook that are around one-minute long.

“We need to ensure we are giving people the option to share video in the manner which they want to,” said Kayode Josiah, head of commercial development, video and audio at the FT. One sharing option the FT is exploring is an auto-populate email containing text about why this FT video is relevant to the recipient. “This isn’t hitting a share button on Facebook.”

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