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How servitization is helping build a sustainable business model: The Media Roundup

How servitization is helping build a sustainable business model at Writer’s Digest

Servitization – a word I’ve said slowly a number of times but am still not convinced I’m saying right – is basically a fancy way of saying ‘using services to grow’. It’s a concept that is becoming more important to publishers, especially those looking to better their retention efforts for subscribers and members.

Writer’s Digest has a prolific service provision, from events, webinars and online courses to competitions, merchandise and even a university. This breadth has helped rebalance the deficit from the pandemic where it saw print sales drop from 60,000 to 44,000.

The publisher crucially focuses on its community as a way to loop these services together: “We will ask writers to write for the magazine or website, and then they’ll end up teaching at a live or virtual conference,” explained EiC Amy Jones.

Brits will spend £200 billion on Black Friday and Christmas, Future plc data finds

Future plc has released findings on predicted consumer shopping trends and expenditure for Black Friday and Christmas 2021, following its post-lockdown purchasing analysis in March and June 2021. If you’re a publisher with any kind of affiliate or eCommerce arm, this will be very good news indeed.

Facebook launches an ‘Audio’ hub in the US for podcasts, live audio and short-form clips

Facebook is coming for Spotify’s podcast lunch. The platform is expanding its investment in audio initiatives with the launch of a new “Audio” destination in its mobile app in the U.S. Users will be able to discover in one place all the audio formats Facebook now hosts, including podcasts, Live Audio Rooms and short-form audio.

5 ideas to help media managers succeed in the next decade

My head hurts at the thought of what this industry – or the world even – could look like in ten years. But nonetheless, there are some solid and comprehensively explained ideas here from Twipe’s Digital Growth Summit. Find out how data labelling, bundling and unbundling, and young employees can futureproof your business.

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