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How publishers plan to recoup lost event revenue, Quartz refocuses following management buyout, and more: The Media Roundup

“It’s been a galvanising moment for us”: How Quartz is charting an independent path to the future

The past few years have been bumpy for many publishers. Quartz is no exception; squeezed by plummeting ad revenues and a slow takeup of its membership offering, it has seemed to struggle to find its place. Could independence give it a fresh start and a tighter focus?

This piece from us is actually based on a recent appearance from Chief Executive Zach Seward on our podcast. He talked about the recent management buyout, how they plan to balance membership and advertising, and his vision of the service Quartz’ journalism provides.

One point in particular stood out to me, and that is how important he sees the publisher’s renewed focus on their mission. “When you’re pulling out your wallet to give money to a news organisation, a lot of that is about signing up for that organisation’s mission,” he said. “We need to be clear about what that mission is for Quartz.”

How publishers plan to recoup lost event revenue

Only 4 in 10 event teams have pivoted from in-person to virtual profitably. About 60% of planners will recoup less than 25% of lost revenue for 2020. Only 8% expect to recoup more than 75%. For a lot of companies, these numbers do not support a comeback, leading many to experiment with variable ticket pricing, especially in the consumer-facing category.

9 ways newsrooms can incorporate more audio in their work

The growth of podcasts, and emergence of audio in other places, like social networks, means that the time we spend with this type of content continues to grow and evolve. This creates opportunities for newsrooms of all shapes and sizes. Damian Radcliffe outlines three areas, and nine different examples, to show how journalists and news outlets can more effectively embrace audio.

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