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How publishers can build communities through livestreams: Insights from Twitch

Twitch’s Creative Strategy Lead Jack Woodcock tells us about the opportunities for publishers around livestreaming, what lessons we can learn from the success of individual streamers, and how the team at Twitch looks to the community when creating new features.

In the news roundup the team discuss the rise of subscription products for podcasts, ask why local news isn’t reaping the digital ad boom, and discuss Gannett paying some women nearly $30,000 less than their male peers. The team critique Steve Jobs’ fashion choices.

The full transcript is live here, or read the highlights below:

On how publishers can benefit from livestreaming:

The advice for a publisher or an organisation would be the same as the advice that we give our brand partners in that scenario. The really important thing about thinking how you’re going to move on to a platform like Twitch and connect with that audience is, it starts off with by understanding what your objectives are.

What a news brand would have to say will be very different to the sort of content that an entertainment publisher would put out.

On collaboration between creator and audience:

[Twitch] is unfiltered. And it’s in the moment. [The audience] respect that authenticity. Photo sharing platforms, where everything is highly curated and highly filtered…Twitch is almost the antithesis of that.

It’s more “go live and create a piece of content with with the community”. Often creators will see it as a collaborative process that exists between them and the audience.

On monetising livestreams

I guess the thing about the way that advertising shows up on Twitch there it’s quite distinct from the market in that you see far fewer ads on Twitch than you would on lots of other platforms.

And I think one one of the reasons that we’re able to do that – and one of the things that I was most surprised by when I joined the business – is the reason that ad weight is low is because session time for individuals is so long. The average session time for someone who just comes in and to watch Twitch is 90 minutes.